Virginia DuBois: A Heartfelt Journey of Giving and Receiving

Aug 24, 2023

In the heart of Central Maryland, a remarkable volunteer has been illuminating lives through her dedicated service with The Salvation Army. Virginia DuBois's journey began decades ago, driven by a desire for friendship and a deep connection to community.

"I have been with The Salvation Army since my daughter was 2 years old. Now she is 28 years old," Virginia shared during a candid conversation. Her initial involvement with The Salvation Army was a quest to overcome her introverted nature and find camaraderie. She found a welcoming home at the Hampden Corps, where her journey of transformation and service began.

Virginia's early experiences at the Hampden Corps were focused on forging connections through the "women's ministry," previously known as the "home league." Her interactions led her to church activities, where she navigated her way through motherhood, forming bonds and friendships along the way.

What sets The Salvation Army of Hampden Corps apart, according to Virginia, is its extraordinary fellowship. The church's welcoming atmosphere enabled her to overcome personal challenges and feel a sense of belonging. Virginia's narrative shifted from being a quiet observer to a vibrant contributor. She became a dedicated Sunday school teacher, fostering growth and spirituality among the congregation's youth.

However, Virginia's involvement didn't stop at the church. She became deeply attached to The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program, which resonated with her on a profound level. As a single mother during a difficult period, Virginia experienced firsthand the significance of the Angel Tree initiative. It provided gifts for her daughter during times when financial constraints would have otherwise dampened their holiday spirit.

Now, as a devoted Angel Tree volunteer, Virginia pours her heart and energy into ensuring that other families experience the joy and relief she once felt. Her commitment to organization and dedication to matching gifts with recipients showcases the program's impact.

"In a world without Angel Tree, so many children and parents would be left disappointed on Christmas morning," Virginia emphasized. She recognizes the changing economic landscape and understands the vital role Angel Tree plays in relieving the burden on working parents striving to make ends meet.

Beyond Angel Tree, Virginia's enthusiasm extends to ringing bells at the iconic 34th street during the holiday season. Her efforts to rally volunteers and coordinate kettle ringing reflect her unwavering dedication to the cause.

Virginia DuBois's journey with The Salvation Army is one of transformation, empathy, and gratitude. From seeking friends to becoming a steadfast friend to many, she epitomizes the spirit of giving back that defines The Salvation Army's mission. Through her story, we're reminded that the power of community and compassion can bridge the gaps between those who need support and those who are willing to provide it.

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