Feb 23, 2023

Often, we get so focused on renovating, cleaning and decorating our own home that we forget to refreshen God’s home first.  

On the first few days of the new year, Lt. Schelika Chisolm of The Salvation Army - Baltimore Temple Corps was inspired by a dream and a devotional inspired from the Book of Haggai.

"Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?" Haggai 1:4

The devotional on upkeeping God’s home, inspired from the Book of Haggai, spoke volumes to our Temple Corps leaders.

With a paint brush armed in one hand, and a bucket of paint armed in another, Lt. and Captain Chisolm started to paint Temple Corps in hopes to modernize the church's look and create an even more welcoming atmosphere. Hues of white, grays, and black cleansed the church of blues, greens, and yellows from the early 2000’s. The paint job was tedious, and strenuous, with only a few hands at work.

And just like that, God answered a prayer to upkeep his home.

A couple days later, Delta Sigma Theta alums from Morgan state, called Lt. Chisolm about wanting to give back to the Baltimore community. Lt. Chisolm shared her vision to freshen up Temple Corps interior and that inspired more than 10-20 Delta alums to sacrifice one Saturday morning to repaint the interior of Temple Corps. And to also donate multiple in-kind coats and winterwear donations for The Salvation Army’s ‘Bundle up Baltimore’ Coat drive which distributes coats to street homeless and disadvantaged children from Title 1 schools in Baltimore city.

Temple corps is off to a fresh start, with clean, painted, walls and greater support from “The Army Behind The Army.”


Tune into The Red Shield of Central Maryland Youtube page in the coming weeks for a video on Delta Sigma Theta giving back to The Salvation Army. Click here to subscribe.

Learn more about The Salvation Army’s Temple Corps by clicking here.

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