Supporting Communities in Crisis: The Salvation Army's Swift Response to Tropical Storm...

Aug 30, 2023

Supporting Communities in Crisis: The Salvation Army's Swift Response to Tropical Storm Idalia

In the face of adversity, The Salvation Army remains a steadfast beacon of hope and aid. As Tropical Storm Idalia recently wreaked havoc along the Florida coastline, The Salvation Army of Florida sprang into action, exemplifying their commitment to serving communities in times of crisis. The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services is on standby and ready to deploy in case Tropical Storm Idalia makes landfall as a Category 2 or 3 hurricane.

The storm's impact was felt profoundly, leaving behind a trail of destruction and displaced families. The Salvation Army swiftly mobilized its resources to provide immediate relief. Through their comprehensive disaster response program, they established emergency shelters, offering a safe haven for those forced to evacuate their homes. Nourishing meals and essential supplies were distributed, addressing the immediate needs of those affected by the storm's fury.

"In preparation for this hurricane, we have begun making necessary arrangements to have our trained personnel ready to respond as soon as it is safe to do." said Steven Hartsook, Director of The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services.  "We also have staged meal kits, water and other emergency supplies to deploy to the impacted areas with our canteens and are coordinating feeding with our Florida Baptist Disaster Relief partners."

All mobile canteens have been placed on standby for the potential of deploying to the impacted area or supporting local emergency management requests for support. 

One of the key strengths of The Salvation Army lies in its ability to adapt to evolving situations. Their skilled team of volunteers and staff worked tirelessly to assess the evolving needs of the community and provide personalized assistance. From emotional support to practical aid, their holistic approach ensured that no aspect of recovery was overlooked.

For more information on The Salvation Army's emergency disaster response, visit


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