Celebrating National Salvation Army Week 2023: A Time for Compassion and Giving

Jun 5, 2023

National Salvation Army Week is an annual observance that aims to recognize and celebrate the incredible work and impact of the Salvation Army in communities across the United States. This week-long event, which typically takes place in the second week of May, serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the organization's humanitarian efforts and highlight the crucial role it plays in providing assistance to those in need.

The Salvation Army of Central Maryland celebrated National Salvation Army week May 15th through May 21st by celebrating our Army behind The Army. Councilman Eric T. Costello, represented Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, at our Annual Volunteer Luncheon, to officially proclaim National Salvation Army for Baltimore city. Councilman Costello commended The Salvation Army of Central Maryland for its FeedMore program, Cornbread Café mobile program, and for its heroics when West Baltimore was facing a clean water shortage.

Weeklong Events

1.) On May 13, 2023 The Salvation Army of Central Maryland held its 2nd Annual Volunteer Luncheon which recognized over 200 volunteers who went above and beyond the call of duty with our CSFP program, Angel Tree, Kettle Counting, Howard County Thrift store, Temple Corps, Cornbread Café, and with our FeedMore mobile program. A special congratulations goes to our volunteer of the year, Pinny Margolius, our Angel Tree volunteer of the year Virginia DuBois, our Street Angels of the year Reginald Johnson, Napoleon Hall, Thomas Walker (The Old Man Crew), and our school/non-profit of the year, Coppin State University.

2.) On May 16, 2023 our Women’s Auxilliary held their annual “Spring Fling” celebration at Carrabas in Baltimore County. Over 93 people showed up dressed in wide-brimmed hats, floral dresses, and an eagerness to connect and fundraise to help many of our feeding programs through raffles, games, and gift basket sales.

3.) Catherine’s Cottage, led by Program Director Dina Jones, was recently awarded the FBI Community Leadership Award for Baltimore at the FBI headquarters located in Washington D.C. Congratulations Catherine’s Cottage for giving love beyond fear to so many anti-human trafficking survivors.

4.) Recently, The Salvation Army’s Boys and Girls club, and our Temple Corps members were trained by MedMark on Narcan usage, substance abuse disorder, and treatments surrounding it. Our volunteers and staff come into contact with street homeless or people who are affected by the opioid crisis, and we want to ensure everyone is armed to help all people in need.

5.) The Salvation Army in Carroll County held its first Annual Westminster Community Resource Festival that provided FREE resources in mental health, employment, health, job, and housing. Over 100 attendees also enjoyed delicious burgers, a visit from the Orioles bird, a moon bounce, thrifting corner, and arts/crafts for children & adults. Visit www.sa-md.org to learn more about this event.

Overall, The Salvation Army of Central Maryland commemorated National Salvation Army Week with classes, activities, and events that inspired our Army to do even greater good for 2024. Do you know why National Salvation Army week is celebrated?

In this post, we will dig deeper into the significance of National Salvation Army Week 2023 and explore the reasons why it is celebrated.

The History of National Salvation Army Week

National Salvation Army Week has a rich history that dates back to 1954 when it was first proclaimed by the United States Congress. The week was established to honor the extraordinary contributions of the Salvation Army in addressing social issues and providing assistance during times of crisis. It serves as a reminder of the organization's commitment to serving the most vulnerable members of society, irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances.

 Raising Awareness and Generating Support:

One of the primary objectives of National Salvation Army Week is to increase public awareness about the diverse range of services and programs offered by the organization. The Salvation Army provides vital assistance in areas such as disaster relief, homelessness, addiction recovery, hunger relief, and youth development. By showcasing the impact of their work, National Salvation Army Week aims to inspire individuals, corporations, and communities to get involved and support the cause.

 Recognizing Volunteers and Donors:

During National Salvation Army Week, special attention is given to the dedicated volunteers and generous donors who contribute their time, talents, and resources to the organization's mission. These individuals play a pivotal role in making the Salvation Army's initiatives possible. Their selfless acts of kindness and compassion are celebrated, encouraging others to follow their example and make a positive difference in their communities.

 Honoring the Founders' Legacy:

National Salvation Army Week is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the organization's founders, William Booth and his wife, Catherine Booth. The Booths established the Salvation Army in 1865 with the aim of providing spiritual support and practical assistance to those in need. Their vision and commitment continue to guide the organization's efforts today, and National Salvation Army Week serves as a way to commemorate their enduring legacy.

 Encouraging Active Citizenship:

The celebration of National Salvation Army Week encourages active citizenship and community engagement. It serves as a reminder that each individual has the power to make a positive impact on the lives of others. By getting involved in the Salvation Army's initiatives or supporting their programs financially, people can contribute to the betterment of society and help create a more compassionate and inclusive world.

National Salvation Army Week 2023 is a time to honor the Salvation Army's longstanding commitment to serving those in need. By raising awareness, recognizing volunteers and donors, and celebrating the founders' legacy, this observance aims to inspire individuals and communities to actively participate in the organization's mission. By supporting the Salvation Army, we can all contribute to the well-being of our society and demonstrate the true spirit of compassion, generosity, and love for our fellow human beings.


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