Boys and Girls Club of Franklin Square Members Graduate from Mini-Med Course

Aug 28, 2023

Boys and Girls Club of Franklin Square Members Graduate from University of Maryland School of Medicine Mini-Med Course

Young members of The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club in Franklin Square have proudly graduated from the prestigious University of Maryland School of Medicine Mini-Med course. This remarkable achievement marks not only their academic growth but also the exceptional offerings that Boys and Girls Clubs provide to nurture young minds.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine Mini-Med course is an immersive experience designed to introduce participants to the fascinating world of medicine. With a focus on hands-on learning, engaging lectures, and interactive labs, this program equips students with insights into various medical fields, igniting a spark of curiosity that could potentially shape their future careers.

The Boys and Girls Clubs, renowned for their dedication to youth development, have yet again demonstrated their commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals. By offering courses like the Mini-Med program, they enrich the lives of their members beyond traditional education. These courses expose youngsters to diverse fields, encouraging them to dream big and explore possibilities they might not have considered before.

The graduation ceremony was a testament to the resilience and dedication of the club members. Through hard work and unwavering support from their mentors, these students conquered academic challenges and broadened their horizons. Such accomplishments do not only stand as personal achievements but also as beacons of hope for their communities.

The University of Maryland Mini-Med program is an educational journey into the world of medicine, unraveling mysteries of health and healing. Designed to engage young minds with hands-on experience and insightful lectures, the program sparks curiosity and encourages career exploration. By collaborating with Boys and Girls Clubs in Franklin Square, this initiative inspires underprivileged youth, opening doors to futures they might not have imagined. This partnership exemplifies The Salvation Army of Central Maryland's commitment to holistic growth, nurturing not only academic excellence but also aspirations, turning them into success stories that illuminate the community's path to a brighter tomorrow.

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