A Safe and Stable Home for Nadeline

Jul 11, 2023

Jenny, a single mom and proud parent of Nadeline, her two-year-old daughter, are survivors of intimate partner violence. Mother and daughter were receiving services from a Safe Homes program that has been assisting Jenny with housing for almost a year. However, assistance was ending soon.

Jenny was facing the possibility of losing her housing, with no income except food stamps, and small cash assistance she was receiving from the state.  Jenny was unemployed and struggling.  In the beginning, she came to The Salvation Army of Central Maryland for Christmas assistance.  She also attended life skills classes the Salvation Army offered.  While attending a “Family Matters” life skills class, information was shared about Pathway of Hope, along with video testimonials from Pathway of Hope graduates on how there is a way to thrive despite life’s obstacles. At the end of the class, Jenny received a Pathway of Hope brochure, and promptly enrolled in the course.

Jenny needed safe and stable housing for Nadeline and herself.  Pathway of Hope was a beacon during her troubles. A case manager guided Jenny on goals of finding employment and safe, stable housing.  Jenny desired to live out of state. She didn’t want to be in any proximity to her former partner who intimately violated her countless times.

Jenny started seeking work in the Hospitality field, as she had a previous job at Hilton, and liked the work.  She applied for open positions at Hilton and applied for positions in customer service. Jenny followed up on 15 leads to apply for remote employment.

Despite daily obstacles, she continued to work on finding employment and day care for her child.  Fortunately, Jenny obtained a day care voucher, however, transportation concerns loomed over her head.

 The Salvation Army provided Jenny with a monthly bus pass so she could continue to look for work and a day care facility that accepted her voucher. Because of her desire to stay away from her former partner, Jenny scouted for vouchers out-of-state and found a housing voucher for housing in Hawaii. She was unsure if this would succeed.  Moving from Maryland to Hawaii is a big feat. Fortunately, the Safe Homes program continued to assist Jenny with rent into 2023.

Jenny achieved her goal of safe stable housing.  By January 20th of 2023 Jenny had found an apartment in Hawaii and was waiting to hear back from Housing on the approval.  Employment seeking was postponed until a decision was made by housing and the landlord.   Jenny was waiting on final approval from the Landlord Compliance Department, and if the house would clear inspection.

On February 2, the apartment passed housing inspection. From February until March, Jenny was biding her time, waiting for final approval from compliance.

 On March 27th, Jenny signed her lease, had it notarized, and sent to the Property Manager. Based on her current income, Jenny’s portion of the rent will be $63 per month.  She will be moving to an area abundant with resorts where she plans to succeed her goal of working in the Hospitality field.

The Safe Housing program is providing travel expenses leaving on April 19th and arriving in Hawaii on April 20th.  On hand, Jenny has $3,000 in savings to help her until she gets settled in her new home in Hawaii. 

 The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program has not only provided weekly goal-setting sessions with Jenny, but has used funds to cover transportation, security deposit, and extraneous costs that could’ve hampered Jenny’s plans of starting a new life in Hawaii.

The Salvation Army of Central Maryland also assisted Jenny by paying a $600 security deposit for her new home. With the upcoming move, The Salvation Army of Central Maryland helped extend her case management by reaching out to the Salvation Army office in Hawaii.

In lieu of the big move, the family will need furniture and house wares. Jenny will also have to transfer all benefits (TCA, food stamps, Medicaid, and daycare) over to the state of Maryland before heading to Hawaii. The Salvation Army will also assist her in a one-night-stay at a hotel on April 19th, due to their apartment not being available until April 20th.

 Due to Pathway of Hope and The Salvation Army of Central Maryland, Jenny will be able to provide a safe and stable home for Nadeline. All of the coursework and knowledge she gained about goal-setting from Pathway of Hope, has inspired her to not only seek future work in hospitality but to also, possibly, further her education. Jenny has a four-year college degree but knows she has the power to get more advanced education.

Pathway of Hope is national. The Salvation Army in Hawaii will be right there to provide  case management support and a safe, stable home for Jenny and Nadeline.

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