A Fond Farewell to Lt. Schelika Chisolm and Captain Michael Chisolm of Temple Corps

Jun 30, 2023

A Fond Farewell to Lt. Schelika Chisolm and Captain Michael Chisolm of Baltimore Temple Corps

Today, we gather to bid a bittersweet farewell to two remarkable individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving the community here in Central Maryland. Lieutenant Schelika Chisolm and Captain Michael Chisolm, pillars of compassion and dedication, are embarking on a new journey as they leave us for a new corps in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. While we celebrate their new opportunity, our hearts ache with a sense of loss, as we know they will be dearly missed.

Over the years, Lt. Schelika and Captain Michael Chisolm have touched countless lives and left an indelible mark on the communities they served. Their commitment to the well-being of the people of West Baltimore has been truly inspiring. Through their unwavering devotion, they have exemplified the core values of The Salvation Army, providing hope, support, and love to those in need.

At Temple Corps, Lt. Schelika and Captain Michael Chisolm poured their hearts and souls into fostering a sense of belonging and nurturing the potential of every individual they encountered. Their compassion extended beyond the walls of the corps, reaching out to the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin Square. Their tireless efforts to empower the youth, guide them towards a brighter future, and instill values of kindness and resilience will be remembered for years to come.

Lt. Schelika Chisolm has been an exceptional leader, embodying grace and strength throughout her tenure. Her unwavering commitment to the mission of The Salvation Army, coupled with her ability to inspire others, has made a significant impact on the lives of many. She has been a role model for women and girls, demonstrating that through determination and compassion, one can make a profound difference in the world.

Captain Michael Chisolm's unwavering dedication to service and his ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life have been instrumental in building a strong sense of community at Temple Corps. His warm smile, compassionate heart, and unwavering support have offered solace to those facing adversity, fostering an environment of acceptance and love.

As Lt. Schelika and Captain Michael Chisolm prepare to embark on their new journey in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we take solace in knowing that they will continue to touch lives and bring hope to those in need. Their unwavering spirit of service will undoubtedly create a positive impact, and their legacy will forever remain in the hearts of those who were fortunate to know them.

To Lt. Schelika and Captain Michael Chisolm, we say thank you. Thank you for the countless lives you have touched, the hope you have inspired, and the love you have shared. Your tireless efforts have made our community stronger, and your departure leaves a void that will not easily be filled.

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